Masons Tavern and Grille

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Masons Tavern and Grille – Rockledge Florida

Welcome to Masons, where Man Cave meets restaurant.  For those who love ‘man food’ – it doesn’t really matter if you’re the opposite sex – our Rockledge tavern and grille is the place to dine. It’s a place where everybody has the license to enjoy themselves.

Food and vibe par excellence

At Masons, we take pleasure in cooking while you can eat and drink to your heart’s content. Hop in any time for lunch or dinner and let our food do the talking. We’ve got chicken wings, BBQ Nachos, couch potatoes, steaks, pale ale bratwurst, seafood, and more. And there’s plenty of beer, enough to make it an Oktoberfest of sorts.

A palate full of pleasure

Our chefs are masters in the art of cooking and enjoy expressing that with new flavors to share with our awesome customers. So, don’t be surprised if that Gooey Goodness Cheese bread you ordered is filled with more goodness or the Big Daddy Nachos hits your table ‘Uber Nachos.’ The appetizers they design are more than just appetizing, they are truly mouth-watering. So munch all you want and wash it all down with our awesome selection of beer.

Savor the best of the griddle and the grill

Fish Reuben is a hot favorite and our creative chefs serve a finger-licking version of their own. We’ve taken the best of Cajun, Creole, and recipes from the Big Easy to offer the pick from the griddle and the grill. Perhaps you would like to try our Pale Ale Bratwurst with brats bursting with flavor and perfectly ground for meaty, macho bite. Then there’s Oyster Po’ boy, perfectly balanced with crispy lettuce, mayo, and juicy oysters, which is sure to remind you of the little road-side shacks in New Orleans. Southern street food, here we come.

Southern comfort food, burgers, and more

Masons is well prepared to satisfy the most discerning palate at dinner time. Whether you’re a macho beefeater, hungry for a juicy steak or lamb chops or looking for something lighter like grilled chicken thighs, our menu leaves you spoiled for choice. Perhaps you’d like to turn on the heat with our special 5 Mac N Cheese, a decadent, flavorful, cheesy, and great southern comfort dish. It goes well with pork chops or fried chicken. For those who believe that everything tastes better when it’s made into a burger, we promise you won’t be disappointed either. Our bar overflows with draft and bottled beer, bourbons, vodkas, whiskeys, and a fine selection of wines.

Masons – Where moustaches and good food reign

Masons welcomes diners of every type with open arms. We are a place where foodies gather for a one thing – awesome food. The only qualification required is a penchant for good food and maybe you’d want to “Respect the Stache”. We promise you will leave contented.